To honestly share what we have personally found useful in helping and bringing up our three children with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) in Singapore.

Rationale :

We believe that most parents on learning that their child has ASD will probably face very similar questions and situations, whereby there will be a strong desire to know what works and what does not for at least some parents with ASD in Singapore.


Exploration to build a kind of business and even community, where eventually my autistic children may be able to handle and continue after God has called both my wife and myself home.

Rationale :

As mortal parents, we wish to help our children develop an honest way to earn their keeps and live in a community that will accept and coexist with mutual respect and support for each other. Perhaps even some trustee or organisation may be commissioned to look into ASD community needs and protect their interest and rights in an ever seemingly complicated and complex world even for "normal" people.